Thursday, 22 November 2012

its raining ice!!yay!!!my 1st interview!i love it here!

Hi dear, 
Late blog entry? i know.Its been a bit busy for me,with assignments and exams prep.
Today it was raining ice!thats the first time i would see that, the ground is very very very slippery, my friend twisted her ankle!its very important that you wear the proper boots here! and proper jackets and thermal underwear (s)(microfleece) and leg warmer, and thick socks and sweaters and inner hoodie and thermal vests!!!!now my eyebrows ache, its so cold my eyeballs ache, my lips tremble and i have lost total feeling in them!i need to wear a mask sometimes such that its only my nose thats out!I cannot wait for summer!

I got my 1st interview for an RA.Its just a Resident Assistant job in the school hostel, where i am in charge of a floor, organize fun programs for students, create an inclusive environment and submit weekly reports.Still its my 1st job and i love it, that i got a job after my 1st interview here.I was selected from a selection of more than 50 students in my school, so in addition to being an RRC student, i am also a Staff member..yay!!!!!

The assignments are killing, if you plan to come to school abroad and you want to do sciences, do it as a single woman, i cannot imagine managing marriage and this!not to say that i don't have married classmates...
In fact the pregnant lady in my class scored the highest for one of my courses, so go figure..Gander goose things!i have to go!take care!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

One of the good days!

Oh! i love today sha!
One, i had an audit/inspection if my lab books, by a top QA Guy and he thought i was doing a great job!that felt good!
next i had the most  interesting discussion with an Iranian and a Jamaician today.
Do you know that in IRAN they do not pay taxes at all and everything is free, even cosmetic surgery?
The catch is that they don't have free speech, everything else,  however is free.
of course they have strict public conduct and code of dressing, but so what eh???I didn't know that at all.
I met a Jamaican who knows so much about Nigeria that its scary. The Whole Yar adua Drama, New currency proposal, PDP Shenaningans, EVERYTHING!i felt stupid with Mauvette, the Jaimacan, how can anybody be that informed eh?She even knew so much stuff about IRAN, that the Iran girl was equally perplexed as i was.
I have so much assignments, i actually have to draw a flow chart to know what am submittiing  and when, how to study, prep for presentations etc etc.
I really love it here and i hope you consider Canada first if you want to study.
I have to go now.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hi there Germany, Ireland, Sierra leone, UK, India, America, Canada and Nigeria!
Today at the Library, i struck up a conversation with an Indian Guy who studied Computer networking in Ontario, he seemed bright, smart and intelligent. I was very amazed when he told me ( In that rich accent) that 'honestly, i want to go back home, but i cant" i was only pretending to study anyways, so i was very interested in the gist. (You see i am an international student and i was a pharmacist back home, i had a brand new car and a driver, i was very comfortable in my own right, so coming to Canada wasn't a move to have a better life, i had a great one, i came here to explore and i hoped to immigrate if i loved it!).
he went on to tell me how he paid a 14 k dollars tuition via loans and how he hasn't found any jobs almost 1 year after his graduation, he moved to Winnipeg because its cheap to live here and its a bit easier to get his papers here via the MNPP and he currently flips burgers at Mcdonalds and he has been doing that full time for weeks now, he submits about 20 -25 CVs online every month and on the weekends submits his CV in several retail stores.
The thing is there are several job vacancies for some fields in Canada but it seems international Students/Immigrants don't seem to get them.
That scares the hell out of me, after all i am an international student and its not like am some genius that has discovered the cure to AIDS. there is extra pressure on International Students like me to get a job because unless we get these jobs,we wont qualify to immigrate here. (Deep SIGH). Am i extra confident that i would get a job here after finishing school next year April? Well i am sure of that maybe 5 days in a week and 18 hrs a day.the days i meet my New India friend and strike up conversations like that, i feel bleak like all hope is lost. My mum is a single mum because i lost my dad and she paid my 13 k Tuition fee.Everyone in my family is rooting for me, even though they aren't pressuring me, i have always being the best, i have never known failure and things always work out my way. I want to have a good life and have an entry level job in a QC lab or Pharma industry or Cosmeceuticals or any Life Sciences.I want to be a part of team dedicated to ensuring that products are not released for manufacture or sale until it conforms with specifications, i want to go back to Uni of Winnipeg after 2 years on the field and get my Bio-sciences MSc, hopefully on Student loans and eventually my Phd and be one of the best instructors to the teeming population of young scientists..I want my husband to come here and get a good job and i want my kids to grow up here, so that they can be all the things that i never knew existed.I want to live in Winnipeg or maybe Steinbach, or maybe anywhere in Canada.
I just want the good it achievable???Ofcours.My friends think i am crazy when i get angry for scoring 89.2%.I want to score a 100%, because that is a factor i can control.I have attended countless workshops on resume and interview skills and am mentally preparing myself for the Canadian workplace.I am trying to be the best student i can be, and i strongly believe this Quote "If you do your best, at ever possible time, i mean ever tiny possible time, soon enough they would ask you how you achieved the impossible"Most Days i believe i am going to have a beautiful career and those are Great days, the days i don't, i think about my friend who is also an international student and works as a Geologist here and i know that if he could do it!Then so can i!I am going to be a Professional here and live the American Dream!!YES I CAN!

Sunday, 11 November 2012


You wondering why i haven't come here since Thursday?
Here is a timetable of the past days.
Friday, i didn't have school, but i read about the snow storm and i started looking for light weight comfortable cloths in this horrible weather. The challenge is finding something that is not too long so you don't look like " "FOB"( which is the slang alternative for "JJC" here in winnipeg. it means fresh off boat, like the new immigrants.), very thick and warm and affordable because well! i am on a budget, which is the Canadian way of saying am a broke ass.D:). So i spent the whole of Friday looking around.i quickly discovered that that Walmart had the cheapest thin jackets, its right on the money, but i would end up freezing!so i quickly ditched Walmart and headed up to roots, which wasn't thick enough, then Reebok  then bay, then finally marks on insistence of my instructor.I found that marks had everything i needed in terms length and it wasn't too pricey, i bought a really nice warm jacket for 160 dollars (29,060 naira). i bought the boots at Walmart because i noticed that all winter boots were the same in terms of thickness, so i bought it for 50 dollars which is about 9000.Now is a really good time to have ur bf/gf around! and No! i am not talking about fornication, more like cuddling!its so freaking cold!!!!!!!!!!!!I am now broker than ever and am trusting God for my bills next month.
Then on Saturday, i spent it sleeping because i slept really late on Friday  Then i went for a women sexuality seminar and drinks which took the better part of my evening.Now today, i spent actually buying the winter things because i only window shopped on Friday.
Now i have loads of assignments, lab work and a group assignment to do!
P.S: if you come to the colder parts of the world, you had better make friends quickly with people that have cars....thank God for my mobile friends!I would have lost my toes today!
See as snow is as tall as the building on day 2!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Scholarship opportunities for international students.

 I found this online, Enjoy!

2013-2014 Oulu University Scholarships is now open to international students from non EU/EEA countries. Pursue a tuition-free Master's Degree in selected fields of study offered at University of Oulu in Finland. Deadline is 31 January 2013. Course starts September 2013.

2013-2014 Chinese Government Scholarships is now open for international students around the world. Study and pursue a fully-funded Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral Degree at selected Universities in China. Deadline varies but is around January-April 2013.

Emile Boutmy Scholarship in france for international students

University of Manitoba, canada Scholarships for international Students

MUIS Tution fee scholarship in Australia for international Students

leiden University Netherlands Scholarships for international student

Chevening Uk scholarships for internationa students

2013-2014 American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarships are now open to international students from diverse and under-represented global and socio-economic backgrounds. Pursue a fully-funded Bachelor's Degree at American University in Washington DC, USA. Deadline is 15 January 2013 for August 2013 intake.

Do you want Scholarships against September 2013?

I have 174 views...Yay!!!!!!!!!
All the viewers are for some reason from the US! thanks a million.You guys rock!
Yet No comments oooo.
All thanks to Tolu, Olumide and lawal for the comments.
Many wonderful things today, firstly OBAMA WON! That was close!
 Next lets talk about Asia an study..
I wont waste a lot of time saying story.If you are thinking of going to Malaysia, China or Korea for study, then you must be going to study the language.Or Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine or you have a 100% scholarship ride!The tuition is cheap, but trust you are going to pay the price after you graduate.
Where do i start from Language, Cultural Differences? Need i say language again ?What if something happens and you get thrown into jail for some offense and you cant even communicate with your lawyer  I kid you not this things happen....
If you want scholarship opportunities its easy...
Go to this link
Sign up, then start receiving news letters of scholarships around the world.
I am finally done with midterms but i have loads of assignments sha.
A serious case of omo wase ori se.
Tomorow we talk about Canada  and the wonderful opportunities here.
Meanwhile go to and read Mrs Amata's story , i feel really sorry for the Amatas, what a shame.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Now that we Know Going to a Larger Part of Europe na waste of Naira!

I have 96 Viewers!!!!yay!Thank You so much! Someone Should leave a comment now, even if its to insult me....
I would soon Start uploading fun pictures online.
Well today was a much better day than yesterday i guess.Same 'ole Same 'ole.Exams, School Etc.
 I attended a workshop today on Employment after school etc etc etc. It was very enlightening! I am very positive about my stay in Winnipeg, Ca. I just keep seeing a bright future sha...It is well.
So yesterday i left with saying going to a country in Europe was a waste of Euros except you are a citizen, permanent resident or extra fluent in the Language , i am guessing you should stick to the English Speaking Countries....IF YOU GET FULL SCHOLARSHIP! BIKO GO WHEREVER IT TAKES YOU!YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. 
Lets talk about the United Kingdom a bit, it has the advantage of being English Speaking and the Masters Degree is 1 year Long... AND LOTS OF SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THERE. End of Advantage.You should go to the UK ONLY IF YOU GET FULL SCHOLARSHIP OR YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE.  Their Economy is tanked right now and there are no jobs even for citizens. What more they have canceled their Post Study Visa and the tuition fee is obscene, am talking about 3-4 million Naira per  year minus housing and others.....Normally if you study in the United Kingdom, you get 1 year Post Study Visa to work, Now that has being Canceled since April 2012...So After your Studies, you gotta go back home and start applying for work, and having Masters is not a big deal in Nigeria...
Check this link if you think am lying about Masters not being a big deal back home
Every body has it, i cant stress it enough, the big deal is having Relevant Foreign Experience, then u are hot cake!I have to go now, Studying awaits!
Just Remember Except you have a job back home, you don't want to go to Europe @ all...Including the UK! A word.........
Tomorrow i take on Asia!
Pls tell a friend about my blog!
If you want me to post Scholarship opportunities in the UK, Leave a comment!
If you are outside America and Canada  feel free to drop a comment about your experience or email me directly on with subject blog.